Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty Information

Wish Upon a Pearl’s limited warranty covers any defects in material/workmanship and any issues with pearls and/or zircon stones loosening under normal use within the first 90 days from the date of shipment. As long as we are made aware of the defect within the 90 day warranty period, Wish Upon a Pearl will repair or replace the defective product. We cannot guarantee pearl color if the pearl needs to be replaced nor can we guarantee that the same product will still be available. In the event the product is no longer available, we will provide you with a credit to be used in our online store ( equal to the amount paid for the original product only.

This limited warranty does not cover loss or damage that is not caused by a defect in material/workmanship and the warranty will be voided if someone outside of Wish Upon a Pearl has performed any kind of work on the product purchased. This limited warranty only covers items purchased from

If you have a qualifying product that needs to be submitted for repair or replacement or if you have questions on our limited warranty, please email us at