Q: How do the Facebook Live parties work?

A: If you’d like to participate in a Facebook live party, you can order Live Party Oysters by clicking here. Within the Live Party Oysters product, you’ll see a drop down for available Party Dates/Times. After you choose a date/time and complete checkout, you will be added to the opening list for that party date. Live parties always take place in our closed Facebook group, so make sure you are a member to be able to join the party! We open in the order that orders are received and oysters are chosen at random. If you cannot be present for the party, but would still like your oysters to be opened, please add a note in the checkout notes or send us a message on Facebook and let us know! The videos are always available shortly after the live feed ends unless a technical error occurs within Facebook.

Q: How do I know I’ll get a pearl in the oyster I choose?

A: We can’t guarantee you’ll get a pearl in every oyster but we CAN guarantee you’ll get a pearl with your purchase. If we open your oyster during a live party and it’s missing a pearl, we will open another for you at no additional cost. If you purchase them to open at home, just take a short, simple video of you opening your oysters. If you find that an oyster is missing a pearl, send us your video and we will send another out to you at no additional charge. The chance of this happening is extremely low.

Q: What if I want to open the oysters myself?

A: We have a separate section for oysters you can purchase to open at home. Make sure to order from this section and we will ship the oysters out to you to open at home.

Q: How quickly do I have to open the oysters if I order them to open at home?

A: The oysters to open at home will be mailed out in individual vacuum sealed packages. They are good for up to a year if kept in a dry, room temperature area! Perfect for stocking up for gifting.

Q: What color pearl should I expect to get out of my oyster(s)?

A: There is no way to know what color you will get out of an oyster just by looking at the oyster itself, but we’ve seen variations of white, cream, pink, blue, purple, green, black, red, yellow, and gray. The possibilities are endless and every pearl is unique!

Q: How big will my pearl be?

A: Pearls range from 6mm-8mm on average. They can get up to as a large as 9mm, but that is rare. We will measure them for you upon opening them if you order them for us to open.

Q: Do I get to keep both pearls if I get an oyster with twins?

A: Yes, of course! There is no additional charge for twins. You get a free pearl and bragging rights 🙂

Q: Do you give estimated values on pearls you open?

A: We do not provide estimated values as we are not appraisers. There are many characteristics of a pearl that are taken into account when determining value such as luster, color, size, roundness, etc. Providing an estimated value based strictly on one or two characteristics is not accurate and we don’t want to misquote your value.

Q: Are all pearls perfectly round? Are there ever surface marks?

A: Most pearls are round, but it is very rare to find a perfectly round, blemish free, pearl. You may find pearls that aren’t quite round or have slight surface marks. It is all part of the cultured pearl process! If you choose a setting for your pearl, we will drill wherever there are blemishes or surface marks to ensure that the visible side is the best side of the pearl.

Q: What if I’m looking for a specific color pearl and don’t want to open an oyster to try and find it?

A: Sometimes, we have loose pearls for sale and you can browse that section to find the color you are looking for. The loose pearls go quickly, so they are often out of stock on the website.

Q: Can you change out pearls in the jewelry?

A: The pendant cages are interchangeable, but the settings are not. Many customers like to buy a few oysters and one pendant cage so they can just switch the pearl out of the cage. On the other hand, many people prefer the settings because there are generally more options, but you cannot change the pearl out once it is set in a setting.

Q: Do I have to purchase jewelry with the purchase of an oyster?

A: No, a jewelry purchase is not required if you just want to purchase an oyster.

Q: Do I have to purchase an oyster in order to purchase jewelry?

A: No, you can always purchase jewelry without purchasing oysters. We have many customers who return to buy jewelry for pearls they already have or have purchased before. We encourage you to come back and see new products!

Q: What if I am looking for a specific type of pendant or piece of jewelry and I don’t see it in your products?

A: Contact us and let us know what you are trying to find. We are expanding our jewelry options as often as possible and will do our best to find exactly what you’re looking for. We can also do custom orders, such as solid gold pieces, as long as the product is available and the cost is covered.

Q: What if I choose a setting and the pearl cracks or breaks during the setting process?

A: Pearls are very fragile and there is always a possibility of cracking or breaking during the setting process because it requires drilling. If this were to happen, we would offer you another oyster to open or one of the loose pearls at no additional cost. You can find more information on this in our terms and conditions.

Q: Are the oysters edible?

A: No, the oysters are NOT edible. If you have them shipped to your home to open, please do not attempt to eat the contents.

Q: Are some of the pearls color treated?

A: Oyster farms do use a color treatment process to create a broad range of darker, vibrant, or more unique colors. As technology advances, we have seen more and more beautiful colors. Definitely great for collecting and matching your outfit of the day!

Q: How do I take care of my pearl(s)?

A: Pearls have a fragile coating unlike many gemstones out there, so you must make sure to take care of them properly in order to maintain the quality of the pearl.

  • Make sure to only put your pearl jewelry on AFTER you are finished applying lotions, perfumes, etc.
  • Keep your pearls stored separately from other jewelry in your jewelry box.
  • Always use a lint-free cloth to clean your pearls – never use an abrasive cloth.
  • Never put your pearls in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner or any ammonia containing solutions. If you HAVE to clean your pearl, use a mild soap and water mixture.